When Love is in the Air: An Evening Disclosure

When Love is in the Air

No matter how much I travel and explore places, occasionally spending time in solitude is necessary to travel into life and oneself. I take this very seriously and make it a point to sit back, take a peek into life and turn the moments meaningful, whenever and wherever possible – indoor or outdoor. This evening, I took out some time and went to one of my favourite places to unwrap moments and celebrate life.

Being just back from my jungle safaris in Dooars, I was a bit tired and in a laid back mood. Of course, being lazy and doing nothing is sometimes a charm itself and an occasional dose does good to your soul, I believe. But the interesting part is – this phase loses charm with prolonged use. So, you got to change gear soon and pick up speed to join the daily race. You can again welcome the do-nothing phase when you run out of fuel, simple.

For me, this lazy do-nothing phase is a source of rejuvenation and I think it’s the same with most of us, isn’t it? Such phases have often been fruitful for me as they helped me realize what I want to do, what have I done yet, what makes me happy, how can I contribute towards others’ happiness, what should I delete and what should I store in my memory forever and so on and on.

Sitting by the Lake side

Sitting by the Lake side

As I sat under a tree facing the lake, the soft breeze caressed my face and brought me an instant smile. This place isn’t less crowded but people scatter at various distances. Mostly in pairs, people also arrive here with family and friends. Groups of aged and senior citizens could be seen taking their brief walking sessions. The latest addition here is clubs that bring along their members for outdoor workouts and laughter sessions. But most of the population traversing here are lovers! Lovers know how to find solace in any place; lovers – temporary or permanent, can turn any corner of the earth their own space, we all know. Here, love is in the air, literally. . Some words just crossed my mind I had read sometime back –

For love all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere.
Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone;
Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown;
Let us possess one world; each hath one, and is one.

My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears,
And true plain hearts do in the faces rest; …”

— John Donne, The Good-Morrow

So, I was surrounded with love! The lake water reflecting the sunlight was shining as bright as the lovers’ eyes. The soft murmur of the lovers occasionally swept into my ears and I quickly shifted attention to some nature’s sight without a desire of indulging in unintentional eavesdropping. However, that didn’t help — the air bore the emotions and the promises to the ears that sounded so pleasant, so seemingly real and some platonic. I could only wish that they stay together and be happy, for love is blind and too fickle-minded these days!

Lovers' world by the Lake side

A place of endless love and promise

While the sounds of laughter from the club members were a mismatch in this surrounding, some people out on their evening walk suddenly enjoyed their new role of social critique. Oh lovers! You are destined to be opposed. Family and friends, however, have a great time. They are happier with the hawkers who arrive just in time with popcorns, peanuts, ice-creams and mouth-watering ‘chaats’.

The sun started to lose its lustre soon – after all, it has been acting as the spotlight and giving warmth to the lovers for so long. Now, more people started arriving to enjoy the lakeside breeze, pumping up the decibel. It was like a separation call. Some lovers got up and started to leave, holding their hands – in search of another place outside or to leave for the day or to bid goodbye forever, who knows?

Suddenly my eyes caught the sight of the rippling water. I wondered what disturbed its tranquility. That was two rowers rowing desperately — perhaps, building the blocks for a future win. The speed was great and it vanished from sight within seconds. As I watched, I felt that isn’t life similar? You need to catch and capture each moment of life, learn from it and treasure it before it’s gone beyond your reach. If you fail to do it, you might be left regretting – restless like the rippling waters.

Rowers on the Lake

Rowers in a desperate urge to win


And it’s gone!

With the lights on, this place gained a mystic charm. It offered a special kind of an individual space even in the middle of the crowd. As the darkness grew old, I got up to leave. A fresh energy had entered my soul and I could feel that I was ready to start my journey again.

As I left, I could only be grateful. Thank you Nature, thank you Time, thank you my City. You make me travel and help me grow every time.

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