Spotting the Strays and Moments: A Well-Spent Exciting Day

  • featured
    A Playful Squirrel
  • yellow bird
    A Black-Hooded Oriole viewed from my terrace
  • spider
    A striped Spider
  • Spider predator
    A Spider about to devour its prey
  • snake
    A nearly five-foot long snake
  • Katze
    A Thoughtful Cat
  • insect
    A Wasp building its Nest
  • chameleon
    A Chameleon
  • bee
    A bee busy collecting nectar
  • birds
    They are family! Spotted them as the sun prepared to set.

It was a sunny morning after a week and I was charged up. Looking back, last week has really been a lazy week! So, I thought to make this day a little different with a plan to capture some creatures in my lens, whatever comes my way. Spending some time in my terrace in the morning, I went out to roam about in some sub-urban areas to spot them and capture some of their moments. And at the end of the day when I checked them out, I felt really happy and lucky today. I am sharing a few snaps with you dearies. Hope you like them.

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    Wow cuz this is really helpful, excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.

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