Shera Ghat: A Serene Place to Relax and Relish in the Lap of Nature

Sarju River at Shera Ghat

A place enclosed with green mountains and fed with the gorgeously meandering Sarju river, Shera Ghat is an unexplored, hardly popular and a promising stress busting destination. Covering a very small area, the sub-town gives a very intimate glimpse of the local life and living. It is a wonderful getaway for people who are looking to relax and bask in the beauty of nature.

The entire stretch of land unfolds pure nature and it takes some time to get used to its demeanour. The mountains housing thick dense pine forests and the clear murmuring water of the river is a bewitching sight. A bridge connects Shera Ghat to Berinag and beyond. As you cross the bridge, it offers you some of the best frames of the place for its visitors to capture.

Mesmerising Shera Ghat

Mesmerising Shera Ghat enclosed with hills and Sarju river

It was late afternoon when I reached Shera Ghat. These parts of Uttarakhand are well known for leopards and other wild animals and carelessly wandering outside after dusk is not advised by the locals. I was charged up to catch the beautiful glances of the place at once. Very peaceful and calm, the locale is very impressive.

As it gradually became dark outside, I took refuge in a hotel for the day. Hotels and lodges are few here with very basic amenities available. Some locals also offer accommodation to tourists and foreigners travelling in groups are common to avail them. Guest houses are available at low costs; however, tidiness is a bit issue.

Shera Ghat Bridge

Shera Ghat Bridge

Next morning, my plan was to explore the place hiking. I walked through the small local market and the village alleys. A number of eateries have sprung up here and there, starting right from the Shera Ghat Bridge. Though a dominant vegetarian locality, nowadays fish can be seen in the menu according to availability. When asked for the reason, the owners spelled it as ‘tourist demand’!

Moving ahead, I stopped at the bridge observing the captivating scenery of Shera Ghat. The river is mentioned in The Ramayana and hence deemed sacred across the country.  People perform last funeral rites along the bank of the river. As I stood watching the flowing waters of the mystic Sarju river, I am transported to the mythological era of Lord Ram. However, I was quickly poked to the present by the chorus of small children, reading out their classroom lessons loud in the local school at the opposite bank. The sweet cheerful voices were echoing and combined with the noisy murmur of the river, it was a gratifying experience.

Sarju River from Shera Ghat

Sarju River from the Other Side of the Bridge

I visited one roadside eatery and ordered fried fish and local food. Munching on the food, I picked up a conversation with the owner. What I came to know from him is, most people running food business here are not locals. They have come from various parts of India and have settled there for years in the hope of flourishing their business. Finishing my lunch, I walked to the bridge again and gazed at the running water. I could also spot some fishes in the stream.

Fish in the Sarju River

Fishes in the Stream

I strolled around the area for a couple of hours more before I got back to my hotel to pack up my bags. I had driven to Shera Ghat via Dhaulchhina, another mesmerising location boasting bewildering nature. The entire drive was a great experience with breath-taking Himalayan glances. Shera Ghat is undoubtedly a pleasant destination promising respite from stress. The region is fast expanding and I am sure it will be developed to attract more tourists in the upcoming days. Personally, I loved the place for its serene vicinity and pure nature – less crowded, simple and ideal for lazy getaways.


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    Really inspired reading your blogs . You are a traveller and not a tourist. Keep up the good work. (y)

  1. January 20, 2017

    […] more little known destination, I bumped into this locale and decided to stay put. Shera Ghat offers a very close peek into local life of a hamlet of Uttarakhand. Fresh and rejuvenating […]

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