Samsing: A Less Explored Destination in India that You Should Check Out


Located in the Dooars region of the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, Samsing is a small scenic hamlet that offers vivid splashes of green, dramatic valley and hill views, fascinating tea gardens, orange orchards, and possibly everything you need to de-stress your soul.

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If you’re a nature lover and want to have a quiet escapade, Samsing near Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills, will surely leave you impressed! Not saturated by tourists, this beautiful place triumphantly preserves its pristine version, thereby presenting every traveller an opportunity of getting soaked in its essence.

This less explored destination in India offers a splendid terrain. Situated at an altitude of 750 metres on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, it has a pictorial landscape. It also serves as a gateway to some of the remotest parts of the eastern region of Neora Valley National Park, which is famously known for being home to the endangered Red Panda.

I started my journey towards Samsing from Lataguri where I had stay put for two days to experience a jungle safari in Gorumara National Park. It was a terrific forest experience as I was fortunate to witness rainfall inside the forest, the mesmerizing effects of the drizzle on nature’s canvas, wild elephants, peafowls, birds, salt licks, wild flowers, numerous streams and impassable greens around. After such a profuse dose of excitement, Samsing seemed a perfect getaway to relax in the lap of nature. It is located about 35 km from Lataguri and takes less than an hour to reach.

Not only the quaint hamlet is strikingly beautiful, but “the road to Samsing also offers picturesque views that you will cherish forever”, said Binod, my dear chauffeur. Soon I get to know why. This road journey takes you through some of the most beautiful tea gardens of the Dooars region via Chalsa and Mateli. The sight of these lush tea gardens on both sides of the road is so breathtakingly refreshing! I stopped multiple times to enjoy the view and get some quick shots.

Soon the scenery changes into a hilly landscape ornamented with small wooden cottages and manicured gardens. We pass by a few localities and finally reach Samsing. Before hiking through the locality, we ordered ‘Momo’ and Darjeeling tea in a roof-top restaurant. We tried to soak into the purity around while relishing piping hot food and beverage.

What to See in and around Samsing

It is a small less explored village in this region but there is no dearth of attractions. As a result, this beautiful locale has successfully found a salient place in today’s North Bengal tourism. Whether you are looking for a quiet respite or a taste of adventure, Samsing offers a slice of everything.

  • Sit Back and Enjoy the Wilderness

Wherever you set your vision here, it is all about greenery. Samsing provides panoramic views of the green hills, farmlands, the plains, and the forests of Neora Valley. It is also a great location for birding. Sit on a balcony with a cup of tea and you are presented with nature’s bounty all the time. You can also chat with the friendly local people, take a close look at local life, and make some wonderful memories.

  • Walk to Suntalekhola

Another tourist-friendly but less explored destination in this region, Suntalekhola is a scenic village situated only 4 km away. Hiking to this place is an amazing experience as you pass by local farms, cattle shades, cardamom plantations, wild flowers, and forests. There is a beautiful suspension bridge over Suntalekhola river that provides some breathtaking 360 degrees view of virgin nature.

  • Have a Picnic in Lali Gurash

Lali Gurash is a very popular picnic spot near Samsing. If you are travelling with your family and kids or a group of friends or co-workers, consider picnicking at this gorgeous spot that offers a wonderful view of the valley surrounded with hills that tower from the banks of the Murti river.

  • Visit Samsing View Point

While Lali Gurash gives you a wonderful close view of the valley and the river, Samsing View Point offers a sort of bird’s eye view of the same from a hill top. Here you see an entire range of super green hills and the meandering Murti river flowing deep below through a gorgeous bed of rocks. It’s a sight you will cherish forever! On the other side of the view point, you can enjoy the sight of lush tea gardens and herds of sheep.

  • Explore Rocky Island

At a distance of 3 km from Samsing, there is a bewitching hamlet known as Rocky Island by the bank of Murti river surrounded with hills and forests. It offers ideal ambience for camping amidst unadulterated nature, trails, and light adventurous activities such as rock climbing and cave exploring. You can either conduct a day tour or also stay overnight here.

  • Experience Wildlife

You can visit Neora Valley National Park to experience nature and wildlife. However, if you wish to have a unique wildlife experience in this national park, you can go to Mouchuki which is located 6 km uphill from Samsing. You can reach there by your own car but please note that if you don’t have a booking at the WBFDC lodge in Mouchuki, you will have to hire a syndicate run vehicle from Samsing Chowk.

From Mouchuki, there is a moderate to difficult trekking route that takes you to Lava via Lechela Pass through the dense forests of Neora Valley National Park. You require a permit from the Forest Department for this trek.

  • Others

It also provides wonderful opportunities for experiencing local rural life. You can visit the quaint villages of Faribasti and Khasmal to create some rich memories. You can also taste some adventure in Khasmahal like tyro lean traverse, rock climbing, etc. under professional guidance. Make the most of your Samsing tour by including Jhalong and Bindu in the itinerary.

How to Reach Samsing

This place is well connected by road. The distance of Samsing from Siliguri is about 80 km via Sevoke while from NJP it is around 86 km. You can hire vehicles from any of these places to reach Samsing via Malbazar.

I drove from Lataguri and this is the route I followed –

Where to Stay in Samsing

There are several budget home stays, hotels, and guest houses available in and around this place. Besides, West Bengal Government Forest Department Cottages (WBFDC) are also a decent accommodation option that is located near Suntalekhola. You can book the cottages online. If you wish, you can skip staying in Samsing and book a tent at Suntalekhola River Camp which is nearby to enjoy staying in the middle of the dense forest beside the river. There are no luxury stays in this area.

Best Time to Visit Samsing

It can be visited throughout the year. The drive to Samsing from Chalsa becomes a sight to behold during the monsoons as the mist and clouds paint a magical charm on the tea gardens and the green hills. The months of December to February are ideal if you want to enjoy the sight of ripe oranges in the orchards throughout the locales.




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  1. Jessa B says:

    Thanks for bringing us to Samsing through your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you, didn’t know about this place. It looks so calm and beautiful. Definitely adding it to my list.

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    This is literally the ultimate guide you hit all the places everyone wants to go!!

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    What great shots! I love the nature view I would love to visit this place someday. Awesome photos.

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    I kept reading it as Samsung. Wow I did not know there is a place called Samsing in India. Would like to visit such a gorgeous place.

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    Wow this is beautiful, I love nature and everythings it entails but this is a place I can have my quiet time far away from the busy city life.

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    This is a wonderful place! It looks so serene and beautiful!!

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    One of that hidden gem that India has. Quiet, and peace!

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    I never knew this place existed. It looks so beautiful! What was your favorite part of the trip?

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    I enjoyed your beautiful pictures. I have never been to India, it certainly is on my list

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      Do visit India. There are so many hidden gems in this country. If you like less touristy spots, do mail me and I can probably introduce you to some beautiful offbeat locations based on your interests. Thank you 🙂

  15. Akriti says:

    I had visited Gangtok which is close to West Bengal and reading about Samsing really reminded me of that place. They seem to have quite a lot in common.

    • Madhurima says:

      Gangtok is in Sikkim, just next to West Bengal. Gangtok is a lovely place, very touristy but sometimes quite crowded. Here in and around Samsing, it is the quietude and nature that will attract you. Hope you visit sometime 🙂

  16. Kalyan Panja says:

    Thanks for sharing about this interesting place. I would love to be there and enjoy the scenery.

  17. I have a friend in India I plan to visit! I’ll have to add this to the list of places to go!

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    Sometimes the less popular and traveled destinations are the ones that are the most precious!

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