Romancing the Supermoon: Bigger, Brighter, Beauteous!

  • red-moon
    The Initial Phase
  • yellow-moon
    Brighter Yellow Moon
  • supermoon
    The Later Phase

When I read in the newspaper about the occurrence of the supermoon, I was excited since morning. It’s not every day that the full moon makes its closest pass to the earth and such unusual astronomical incidents take place.  So, there was no reason to miss out this moon that’s gonna appear bigger than it has been for the past 68 years (since January, 1948).

It’s a good idea to catch the supermoon in the early hours, preferably within two hours after moonrise as suggested by experts. I went up the terrace twice to catch the different looks of the moon. At the initial phase, the moon was dim red in colour, appearing hazy in the clear sky. Gradually it took on the deeper hues and then started to take a yellowish tinge. After an hour, the moon was a bright yellow. The disc looked tempting and fabulous!

However, I am waiting for tomorrow‘s moon as the night sky is going to be far more exciting and spectacular due to lunar occultation of star. Described as ‘moon-and-star waltz’, the bright star named ‘Aldebaran’ or more popularly known in India as ‘Rohini’, will appear to disappear behind the moon around 8:58 pm and reappear at 10 pm. I am just hoping for a clear sky tomorrow otherwise the haze will be a huge disappointment.

Have you spotted today’s supermoon? Share your experiences below. You can also send me your supermoon pictures that you have clicked yourself in my mail id – The best pictures will be published in the social pages of Mango Lady Diaries along with your name.

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