Looking back on 2016: Places Travelled to Part II

Looking back on 2016

I feel pleased to share my travel experiences of last year and as promised in the previous post – Looking back on 2016: Part I, here I will continue to list down the places travelled to in 2016.

Travelling to Exotic Places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is an ideal getaway for travellers. I’ve been to Himachal Pradesh multiple times but in my previous trips, I had kept my bucket list limited to more popular and touristy places. But this time I added a number of lesser known and less crowded destinations to my bucket list.

Kinnaur Kailash

Sunrise at Kinnaur Kailash

The snow-capped peaks, spectrum of colours during sunrise and sunset, apple orchards, Himalayan hamlets, monastery and a treacherous trekking route – the trip to Kalpa was fulfilling for a variety of reasons. The sunrise moment at Kinnaur Kailash is an experience of a lifetime.


The bewitching colourful canvas of nature in Chhitkul, the last village at the Indo-Tibetan border left me mesmerised. The road trip includes breathtaking stopovers at Rakchham and Mastarang. The winding turquoise coloured Baspa river, the vibrant colours of the crops and vegetation, the snowy peaks, herds of sheep, ancient monastery and temple, Chhitkul is an amazingly picturesque locale.



Also known as Little Tibet, the cold desert of Kibber is so beautiful that words fall short to describe it. The barren landscape engulfs all senses and situated at the height of 14,200 feet, Kibber is the second highest altitude village in the world. Exploring local life, hiking and night sky gazing here are some of the best things that can happen to one’s life.

Key Monastery

Key Monastery

The lifeline of the cold desert of Little Tibet, Key Monastery looks like a honeycomb from a distance. Against the background of mystic mountains, the serpentine rivers on the Spiti Valley, the deep blue sky, the rugged beauty of the place swept me off my feet.


Picturesque like a calendar picture, Nako was one of the best destinations I’ve ever come across. Perfect for nature lovers like me, the sight of the panoramic view of the Hungrang valley, snow-capped mountains, the beautiful hues, willow trees, ancient monastery and a pristine sacred lake provide this place a heavenly charm that every traveller needs to experience once. Hiking around the village is a memorable experience.

Short Trips

Apart from long trips, I also went for some short trips and weekend trips throughout last year. The experiences were great and the insight gathered was valuable.


The Trail

The obstacles throughout the beautiful yet rough trail

This rustic respite was delightful! Kolakham is a beautiful small village in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Moreover, the amazing trail that leads to the waterfall, Chhangi Falls, is charming. On clear days, the views of the Kanchenjunga will keep one occupied.

Udaipur Beach

Fishing boats on the beach

Fishing boats lined onshore

Long stretches of tawny sand, fishing boats and roaring sea make Udaipur Beach a favourite weekend destination for people across Bengal and beyond. Walk on the beach, hit the waves, enjoy parasailing and various water sports, ride bikes on the beach or simply lay back and gorge into delicious sea food – Udaipur, located at the Bengal-Odisha border, is a perfect getaway with family and friends.


Red Crab

Red Crabs are abundant in the Udaipur Beach; Picture courtesy: Rabin Biswas

Tajpur is a tidy and quiet beach and a refreshing weekend getaway. The road glides past cashew plantations and makes for a wonderful drive. Time just flies by sitting back on the sand and spotting red crabs that are abundant in Tajpur beach.



There are a number of beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Digha is one of the oldest beach attractions that’s still popular among the masses despite the lost charms and beach erosions. Mostly crowded, the beach town is a popular weekend destination of Bengal.

Check out my next post for more short trips of 2016 and the achievements of Mango Lady Diaries in 2016.

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  1. Two notable destinations that caught my eye are the Key Monastery and the Digha beach. Thanks for sharing your travel experience with us, your readers.

  2. Mohit says:

    Wow..you’ve covered the best of himalayas this year….I too went there but covered a half due to bad weather

  3. Kinnaur kailash wow that pic is awesome. I want to know more about each this place. Will check all your posts 🙂

  4. neha kumari says:

    Love the places and pics. I would definitely like to visit the Himalayas once.

  5. Devesh says:

    you travelled some really cool places. btw loved your photography

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