Jungle Safaris in Dooars Get Pricier | Tariffs Revised | West Bengal Tourism

The Forest Department, Government of West Bengal has recently revised the fees for jungle safaris in Jaldapara National Park. The new rule is applicable from 15th April, 2019. The duration of both the elephant safari and gypsy safari has been slashed by 30 minutes too.

According to the department, the rate chart has been revised to put the fees on a par with current standards. The duration of the safaris has been reduced to discourage tourists from the tendency of unnecessary delaying or wasting time inside the forest during the trip. The time reduction has also been linked to safety and security issues.

The revised fee for gypsy safari in Jaldapara National Park is INR 2,600 instead of the previous rate of INR 1,850. The course of the safari is, however, unchanged starting from the Madarihat gate to Jaldapara watchtower via Holong Bungalow. The same rule is also applicable to the gypsy safari in the forest of Chilapata.

For the elephant safari in Jaldapara National Park, tourists will now have to pay INR 4,150 instead of INR 3,150. The new duration for both types of safari is 1:30 hours.

Negative responses regarding the new tariffs are rampant. The Jaldapara Guide Welfare Association is predicting dissatisfaction among tourists while travel and tourism business owners based in the region are speculating a significant drop in the number of visitors, resulting in a heavy loss in local economy. The business owners have threatened to hold agitation against the decision.

Please note that the duration and safari fees for Gorumara National Park in Dooars have been kept unchanged.


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