The Journey to a New Beginning: 2016

The Journey to a New Beginning: 2016

Happy New Year readers! Looking back at 2015, it has been a great year of learning and growth, personally. As our journey to 2016 begins today, I wish this year proves to be better in all aspects for all of you.

Last night I took out some time to turn over the pages of the previous year. I tried to figure out what was satisfying and what was not, which decisions I took right and which I took wrong, what I learned and what I am still to learn, what I achieved and what is yet to achieve and so on. In simpler terms, I just measured myself – what I was and what I have come out to be.

I start every year with the planning of my travelling. So, this year I have already decided over it as usual. This time I intend to include some road trips, some historical places and obviously there will be mountains in my list. And if possible, I would love to visit a wildlife sanctuary. So, I am keeping at least 30 days for travelling from the annual calendar. So, the remaining 335 days are for other activities. Oh yes, this year I would get an additional day for it is a leap year. That means, I would get 24 hours to practice creativity and laziness simultaneously. Great!

The Journey to a New Beginning

Welcome 2016: Begin your own Journey

I woke up quite early today to welcome the sun and start my day breathing in the new energy and drinking positivity. Remembering the global plights and hatred vibes, I wished that may this year the world become merciful, let love and peace bloom, may we all have the strength to inculcate the true values of life and continue the fight to emerge as a better human being.

With New Year, come New Year resolutions! And let’s take our resolutions seriously this year. Whatever our individual resolutions be, let’s all add one more – let us do at least one act of kindness and spread happiness this year.

So, lovelies, get up to write your own book of growth for 2016. Live every day and travel as much as you can. Travelling does not mean that you have to go out for distant trips.  We all are travelling from one level of growth to another. Every day we are travelling. Make the most of it and have a great journey!

What are your New Year Resolutions? Share below.


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