This page aims at giving you a list of both popular and new destinations at various regions of India. Here I will give you updated information and details about each place, how to reach, what to see and do, recreations, where to stay and eat, which local dishes to try, how to plan destinations for your trip and lots more. Nowadays you have no dearth of information online but there is so much information and variations out there that it can rather be confusing. Even I have faced a lot of problems before when I planned a trip and started gathering information online and I was left frustrated at their abundance because I didn’t have an idea then about their authenticity and reliability. While most of the sites are dedicated to the propaganda of their own travel packages, some sites provide out dated and vague information. And since I am against travel packages for whatever personal views, I had to do my own research, chalk out expenses and fit everything into budget. So, here I aim to give you accurate information possible so that you don’t have to waste your time searching online. Use your time wisely and enjoy travelling, grow and spread happiness, love and peace. Help others do the same!