Amaravati Park: A Retreat amidst the Scorching Beaches of Digha

Amaravati Park

With a lake, abundant trees, shrubs and flower plants, Amaravati Park is an attractive eco-friendly retreat from the crowded beaches of Digha. So, if you experience fatigue after having a blast at Udaipur beach, New Digha beach, Old Digha beach and other beaches throughout the day, this enclosed area promises rest and recluse to visitors. Various elements of basic amusement have been added to the park so that people from every age group can sit back and enjoy.

Walking inside from the gate gives a spontaneous feeling of arriving into an oasis. The lakeside surrounded with numerous trees bring cool breeze even in the scorching heat. There are sitting arrangements along the lake side for people to sit and relax in the shade while enjoying the cool breeze, duck tales and nature canvas. People can also enjoy boating in the lake.

Amarabati Lake

The Lake inside Amarabati Park

Along the right side, the well maintained grass fields catch attention for its greenery and cleanliness. People can sit on the grass if they might but trash is strictly prohibited. The whole area is installed with trash bins at every corner for the purpose. The fields are also decorated with flowers and flower pots to give a pleasant look.

Eco-Friendly Park

Nature’s retreat at Amarabati Park

At two ends of the park, there are rabbit houses and bird houses built for the visitors. Rabbits and bunnies nibbling bits of food and their cute behaviour patterns attract the visitors, especially kids. If one comes across a fearless bunny, then they can be touched through the wires and this is what attracts kids the most.


Bunnies housed inside the Park

For bird lovers, there are two adjacent bird houses at the other end where varieties of birds, mainly budgerigars are kept and maintained. Their chirpings fill the air and hours can be spent watching them. It’s very refreshing at this part of the park. There is also a snake house which sometimes remains open.

Parakeet birds

Chirping birds


Budgerigars housed inside the Park

The central area of the park is a visual treat offering an artsy statuette as the centrepiece. Beautifully structured with trees, plants and stones, the area is also provided with benches artfully crafted with bamboo and wood. It’s perfect to take a break and just sit back with your family and friends, take photos, selfies and make the most of it.

Amaravati Park, New Digha

The beautiful structure at the centre of Amaravati Park

Century-old banyan and pupil trees can be spotted creating beautiful patterns with their hanging roots and branches. Old Bakul and bur-flower (Kadam or Kadamb) trees can also be found which bloom during the season and perfume the air. The pathway along the lake is beautified with rows of flowering plants to make the walk a pleasing experience. All together it feels like coming back to nature.

Age-old trees

Age-old trees

Moving ahead, there is an open play ground for the kids and young alike. Basic amusements like swings, sea-saw, slide, rings, and merry-go-round are installed. While kids can enjoy their rides, families can sit back on the benches under the shade of trees or in the enclosed resting shade. There is a restaurant inside the park that serves Indian and Chinese snacks. For nature’s call, there are clean toilets and washrooms at an appropriate place inside the park without disturbing the environment.

Trash Bins

Trashbins or litter boxes can be seen at every corner of the pathway throughout the Park

Overall, Amaravati Park located in New Digha is a refreshing change if not extra-ordinary. Spending a couple of hours in the shade and nature isn’t a bad idea and it certainly helps save you energy for the beach blast next day!

How to Reach Amaravati Park: Take a rickshaw or motor-van from New Digha. It’s just a few minutes away.

Best Time to Visit: Amaravati Park can be visited throughout the year. Fall afternoon is the best time to drop in during the hot summers.

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