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Hi there! I am Madhurima, the creator of Mango Lady Diaries. This is my travel blog and I am here to share my travel experiences, perceptions, thoughts, itineraries and tips to give you the best possible virtual journey in my way and inspire you to travel whenever you can.  Want to know how I reached here and what Mango Lady Diaries is really about? Please read on.

I have been travelling since I was a child. My family was crazy about holidaying and it became almost a norm to make trips, short or long, thrice a year. So, every time when there was a school vacation, we were out wandering and spending an exciting time together. At the initial years, I would take these trips and travels as an escapade from home works and a means of having incomparable fun than the rest of the year. On returning, there were school exams and I found out surprisingly that I had a very refreshed and happy mind every time and my exams always went well. That’s when I felt for the first time that these trips had something more to it rather than just fun.

As I begun to grow, say when I was 11 years old, I had a realization. One fine day, while having a casual discussion with my school friends, I suddenly realized that I knew a lot more about certain regions of India than my peers. And it certainly made me happy as it is quite usual in those years to derive an egotistical pleasure when you are ahead of your peers. How silly! Gradually I discovered that I have acquired this additional knowledge about those places and their people by virtue of these trips!  Thanks to my parents. Well, I didn’t know then that the seeds sown by them were anchoring their roots so strongly in my sub conscience, only to be realized in the upcoming days.

By the time I completed my tenth standard, I discovered that I am addicted to travelling. I decided that I need to keep the flames ignited no matter what. Well aware of the academic and career pressure in the twelfth standard, however, I could not move out much. But the travel bug bit me often and I kept my travels restricted to long bicycle rides, long drives and a day or two off! While reading this, you must be wondering how I can call a bicycle ride or a long drive as ‘travel’. Trust me, when you keep your eyes open and are ready to consume and perceive, you are even travelling in your own house!

It was time for me to get into college and I knew that no matter how hard I need to study, I need to travel as well. It was time for family outings again and we were frequently packing and unpacking. Travelling took a whole new meaning in these years as the lens and understanding power were all evolved into a different dimension.

On reaching 22, I realized that it was time to travel alone and gather experiences as much as I can, not just about the places but their people, lifestyle, culture, customs, ideologies and plights. Everything was different now. I had this realization about myself that I have grown into a more sensible, open-minded person. I have gained the ability to respect Nature. I have gained the ability to see, treat and respect people as I would do with my own people, family and friends. I have gained the ability to understand the similarities between people and respect the differences. Overall, I realized that I have grown up to be a better human being. Over the years since then, I have been travelling regularly, balancing my studies, job and other activities. I grow with each trip, I conquer new boundaries and the border of my mind, knowledge and perception expands.

You can achieve true happiness when you share your stuff with others. So, here I am to share my travel experiences and real stories with you through Mango Lady Diaries. I will be glad if I am able to inspire you to travel, grow and spread happiness irrespective of your age, no matter if you set out your feet alone or with family. When you travel and get to know nature and people from different cultures, you will realize that the world is family. We share the same emotions and plights. And Nature treats all living races equally.

Embrace differences, spread peace and love, win hearts and make some real friends from all over the world that might end up being a part of your legal family. Begin to travel today and watch yourself grow quite surprisingly. “Start from your own house”, says Mango Lady.


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