10 Lesser-Known Hill Stations to visit in May in India to Beat the Summer Heat

10 lesser known hillstations to visit in May in India

To beat the heat of the Indian summers, most people head towards the popular hill stations of the northern part of India. Most of these popular tourist destinations are too crowded during the summer month of May. However, India is incredible in terms of diversity and there are many other amazing hill stations across the country. When there are so many options, why not explore some lesser known and unexplored hill stations in India this May? Read on and make your travel plans ready soon.

1. Bermiok, Sikkim


Bermiok is an underrated hillstation in West Sikkim which offers a magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Koktang, Kumbhkaran, Rathong and many other Himalayan peaks. The play of colour and light at the snow-capped peaks from sunrise to sunset is an unforgettable experience. With a number of places for sightseeing, Bermiok is also a great destination for bird watching. The β€œHee-Bermiok Festival” showcasing the tribal culture, dance and music, held in the month of May is something to cherish for the lifetime.

2. Sitlakhet, Uttarakhand



A less crowded hill station in Uttarakhand, Sitlakhet offers unadulterated nature at its best. Surrounded with dense pine forests and undulating mountain ranges, Sitlakhet looks breath-taking during sunrise and sunset. The panoramic view of the snow clad Himalayas here is the best in the region. The locale is not developed yet as a tourist hub and is rustic. The forests are home to wild animals and hence, going out after sunset is normally discouraged. Enjoy hiking, camping, bird watching, and bonfires in the midst of amazing nature.

3. Mokokchung, Nagaland


Mokokchung is an exotic location to explore the local tribal culture of Nagaland. A small district town surrounded with hills and oranges, Mokokchung is surprisingly picturesque and best explored while hiking. Get up close with the traditions and culture of the Ao Naga Tribe and visit their hamlet at Ungma. Other places of interest are Molung and Lankham, a resting place of the souls (folk belief) on the way to heaven, surrounded with rhododendrons.

4. Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh


The gateway to the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Sarahan is a beautiful small hill town overlooking the snow-clad mountain ranges of Shrikhand and Karthik Swamy from east to west. The summer capital of the royal Bushahar Kings, Sarahan also has the popular Bhimakali Temple, one of the main attractions of the place for its pagoda like structure, and the royal Padam Palace. While during the winters, Sarahan is under snow, the summer month of May is significantly pleasant offering lush green valleys, pleasantly cool weather and picturesque scenic beauty.

5. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu


Yercaud is a serene, less crowded hill station located in Tamil Nadu with bounties of coffee, oranges and eucalyptus plantations. With an unpredictable game of clouds and sunshine, Yercaud has almost everything to charm you with its subtlety.

6. Dhotre, West Bengal


Dhotre is a small hamlet located in the buffer zone of the Singalila National park, Darjeeling. With awesome views of the Kanchenjunga, Dhotre is an awesome destination for nature lovers. Adventure lovers can trek to Tonglu from Dhotre.

7. Padum, Kashmir


Padum, located in Kashmir, is undoubtedly a heavenly display of nature. Bright blue sky, rugged bare mountains and snow, Padum is the headquarters of the Zanskar Valley. Breathtakingly beautiful, no words can match its beauty. Gompa dating back to 2nd century and monasteries of 16th and 17th century are the major attractions other than scenic beauty.

8. Chopta, Uttarkhand


Chopta is a small mountain hamlet in the lap of Tunganath hill, Uttarakhand. Surrounded with rhododendron, cedar, maple, fir and some exotic varieties of orchids and birds, Chopta is a surprisingly beautiful destination. For people who enjoy birdwatching, this place you are going to love. However, pack in a lot of warm clothes when visiting as temperatures are quite low. Trekking to Tunganath starts from here.

9. Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh


Bomdila, located in Arunachal Pradesh, offers an amazing nature canvas. Orchids, cactus, forests, Himalayas, reserve forest, rivers, monasteries, orchards, playful clouds – Bomdila has everything for nature lovers. While December to March is the time to enjoy snowfall, Β the month of May is one of the best times to visit Bomdila at its best.

10. Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu


Kotagiri is the most ancient city of the Nilgiri Hills, located in Tamil Nadu, housing the Kota tribes. Surrounded with the best tea gardens of the Nilgiris, Kotagiri has a hypnotic green canvas to welcome its visitors. Offering an incredible sunrise from the Kodanad View Point from where the entire Nilgiri ranges are visible, other centres of attraction are St. Catherine Falls, Elke Falls, Ranganathaswamy Peak and Pillar, Kota Temple and handicrafts centre.

Now that you have got the list, which of these are you adding in your bucket list for May? Want to add something to this list? Comment below.

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34 Responses

  1. neha says:

    This is exactly what I needed after almost exhausting the list of the popular hill stations πŸ™‚ Thanks for this post, I will bookmark it and plan my visit to one of these this summer

  2. Oluchi says:

    I love India, the beautiful environment and I hope to be there someday…very nice post

  3. Hendrik says:

    Amazing and beautiful shots, i really like them! Padum, Kashmir is my favorite, looks nearly like a painting πŸ™‚
    I am just wondering – how hot can it in general gonna be in India during the summer months?

  4. Leiha says:

    Thank you for the post. I’ve never heard of these places in India. Padum looks absolutely beautiful and so different, it’s like a mosaic. Would love to visit there.

  5. What breathtaking photos you have here. This has introduced us to a part of the world we never knew existed.

  6. Dan says:

    Lovely work. Excellent photos and clear descriptions. I’ve visited some of these places myself and I recommend them to others.

  7. you rarely find places like this in Nigeria, and i must say, its really a nice place to visit

  8. This is a great post! I spent six months I India almost 10 years ago now, and I missed all of these.

    Looks like I’m going to have to come back.

  9. Wow, these pictures are great. I didn’t know about many of these, in fact I only knew two. A very interesting post and I am sure I will visit a few of these. Just the sort of post I love to read. Thank you

  10. The best as per me, in the post is Padum, Kashmir. I had never heard of this one, only heard about Gulmarg & Sonmarh, plus Srinagar.
    Are those farms at the bottom of the Image?

  11. Ada says:

    To be honest I had no idea India had so many wonderful places! Even tho I don’t mind the heat I would love to visit north parts of the county! Looks amazing !

  12. Joe says:

    Well, I haven’t been to any tea stations in India I’m afraid. So if these are the more obscure ones then we are truly spoilt for choice. Such sublime landscapes and scenery! Whether lush green hillsides, snow-capped peaks or multi-hued horizons are your thing, I think it’s very hard to not be impressed πŸ™‚

  13. Top on the list for me is the Mokokchung, Nagaland. Wil definitely visit soon.

  14. Megha says:

    Yercaud and Padum are so damn beautiful. I am definitely suggesting my sister these places for her honeymoon.

  15. Jithin says:

    Excellent post…Some of the places are new to me…Very informative

  16. awesome destinations, these are indeed lovely places to visit

  17. Sarah says:

    Wow, the varying terrains almost make you think they’re not in the same country! I think the first and 8th are my favorites, just looking at your photos of course! Those will indeed be a good spot for hot summer days!

  18. Ariane says:

    Okay, with your pics you made my heart beat faster! I love being in the rough nature and hiking, so this post is perfect… and by the way, Your pics are gorgeous!

  19. Milijana says:

    Wow, what a breathtaking photo of Padum in Kashmir ! Definitely would love to visit it one day. Thank you for introducing Padum to me, I have never heard of it before.

  20. I loved this list. This is a legit list of lesser known, yet stunning, hill-stations of India. I would love to visit Padum…let’s see!

  21. Emily says:

    Great list; I haven’t heard of any of them! They all look beautiful but I like the look of Kotagiri and Padum best. I always think that you can’t go to India in the summer because of the heat and I forget about the hill stations! I will have to try to get to some of these.

  22. India to me is a very “unknown” destination to me as is (I’ve only visited Chennai as part of a school immersion program)… that being said, I love learning about the lesser known places in a country! Dhotre may potentially be my favourite, just that view of the mountain, absolutely breathtaking. I love how vastly different the landscapes are in these hill stations. A little bit of something for everyone!

  23. This is the first time I am hearing about a hill station in Southern India. Gotta pack my bags!

  24. Maria says:

    Your photos are amazing and a great ambassador to all those beautiful and different landscapes. India is such a great country with so much diversity that is difficult one not find something that he likes.

  25. Veronica says:

    India is my most favorite travel destination in the world! I never considered traveling to West Bengal until now. I will do more research on that. Thank you!

  26. Cat says:

    Love the gorgeous photos!! I’ve never heard of any of these places – actually, I’ve never been to India at all. So thank you for introducing me to these places in India. I’ll need to visit in the future!

  27. I have been to Chopta twice and the destination is worth a repeat visit! Rest destinations, frankly I haven’t even heard of!

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